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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Advantages Of Working Night Shift

1. More Money
Night shifts are mostly given 10 percent more money per hour as compared to the day-shift. This 10 percent bonus is given in most industries and if you work as a writer or journalist for media, you can earn up to 15 percent more than daytime writers. Nighttime childcare workers also get much more than daytime ones.

2. Fewer Meetings
Working in the night shift will save you from the unnecessary long meetings with the boss. You will usually be exempted from majority of the meetings, as you will be sleeping during the regular business hours in order to perform your job duties well at night time.

3. Little Traffic
You can avoid all the traffic by going to office in late hours, when the roads are generally clear, offering a nice and easy ride with just a few interruptions.

4. Promotions
There is usually less competition in night shift jobs. This means that there are brighter chances for you when a higher position opens up. You will thus be able to get a promotion and pay raise more easily as compared to your daytime colleagues.

5. Greater Flexibility
Night time shifts can be very useful for working moms, or if you have to look after your children as well. You can easily manage your house, save money on a babysitter or daycare; pick your children up from school when needed; and get enough time to spend with the children before you go out to work at night.

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